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ATV announces the new DPX9M, a full duplex 9 camera b/w multiplexer. The DPX9M incorporates new and advanced features such as high speed multiplexing, real time quad display, 2x, 4x panable zoom, camera switch input, activity detection alarming, alarm log, IR remote control, and much more.

Duplex Live/Playback Modes

  • 3 x 3 Display
  • Quad (Live display is real time)
  • Full Screen
  • Movable Picture in Picture (PIP)
  • Movable Dual PIP
  • Split Screen
  • Squish Screen

Main Features

  • 9 Camera Input, 9 Camera Looping Output
  • Live Roll Free Sequencing
  • High Definition Display / VCR Output
  • Simultaneous Record/Playback utilizing two VCRs
  • Call Monitor Output, Camera Switch Input
  • Time and Date
  • On Screen Menu
  • Freeze Frame
  • 2X, 4X Zoom, Variable/Panable Zoom
  • Activity Detection
  • Activity Detection Alarming
  • Alarming, Custom Alarming, Video Loss Alarms
  • Alarm Log, Alarm Scheduling
  • Enhanced Security Lockout
  • Discreet Camera Lockout
  • "Customplexing" (priority camera multiplexing)
  • Smartpaging (TM)
  • Advanced Menu
  • VCR Compatibility, Custom VCR Delay Table
  • VCR Bypass, DigiLock VCR Playback Stabilization
  • AGC on all Inputs, RS-232 Serial Port
  • NTSC/PAL Compatible
  • CE Approved
  • Dual Code IR Remote Control
  • High Speed Multiplexing
  • Alternate Language Text Displays
  • Selectable Text Color


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