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Contemporary Design & Recessed Contour Shape
All Components are 20/24 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
All Stainless Steel Hardware
Complete with All Hardware and Mounting Brackets
for Wall or Ceiling Mount
Manual 90 of Pan & Tilt Movement
Manual 360 Rotation
Completely O-Ring Sealed

LCL-UFO3 Includes a 1/3" DSP Color CCD Board Camera, 480 TV Lines, 2 Lux

Dome Dimensions: 133mm x 48mm(L) (5.23 x 1.89")



1/4" DSP Color CCD Dome Camera
Number of Pixels: 512(H) x 492(V)
Resolution: 330 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination: 3 Lux @ 1.4
Lens: 2.5mm Micro Lens
Shutter Speed: 1 /60 -1 /10,000 Sec
Linear Electronic Iris
DSP Function controls Backlight Compensation,
White Balance, Shutter Speed and more
Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +45C
Power Supply: 12V DC 10% (130mA)
*Also available with 3.8mm (LCL-138D), 6mm (LCL-160D), 8mm (LCL-180D) Micro Lens

Camera Dimensions: 78.5mm x 76.6mm(L) (3.09 x 3.02")



1/2" Color CCD Image Sensor
Number of Pixels: 280K Pixels
Resolution: 350 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination: 2 Lux @ 1.2
Standard "CS" Mount (Optional "C" Mount Adapter WAT-CSCC)
Auto Electronic Iris Auto White Balance
AGC On/Off Selection Switch
AGC Gain Switch (Normal/High Gain)
Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +45C
Power Supply: 12V DC 10% (150mA)

Camera Dimensions:44mm(W) x 44mm(H) x 53mm(L) (1.73 x 1.73 x 2.08")

WAT-204 CX

1/3" DSP Color CCD Image Sensor
Number of Pixels: 380K Pixels
Resolution: 470 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination: 1 Lux @ 1.2 (AGC High)
Standard "CS" Mount (Optional "C" Mount Adapter WAT-CSCC)
Coax Power with WAT-204RX Box Included
Electronic Shutter (1/60 -1/10,000 Sec)
Auto White Balance
AGC On: 2 Levels (Low 24dB, High 36dB)
Off: Fixed Gain 12dB
2 Position Gamma Switch (0.45/1)
Backlight Compensation On/Off Selectable
Operation Temperature: -10 ~ +40C
Power Supply: 15V DC 10% (400mA)

Camera Dimensions: 42mm(W) x 42mm(H) x 53mm(L) (1.65 x 1.65 x 2.08")


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