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With i-Witness, you get an affordable solution that works with the equipment you already have. It plugs into your office PC, includes easy to use software, and is easily accessed from your home or with your traveling laptop. It runs flawlessly with a host of video systems that your dealer can recommend. Since its remote video capabilities run on existing phone lines, there's no need for expensive and disruptive rewiring. And when you're on the road, you simply dial up your office computer with a modem from anywhere in the world.
In the local mode, you can watch up to six areas or events at once on a split screen. In the night mode, you can keep an eye on late shifts or warehouses from home or on the road.
i-Witness is the effective, affordable way to keep track of you business, and it gives you more time to do what's important to you.

iwlaptop.jpg (6513 bytes) Only $10

i-Witness lets you monitor all work operations, including cash registers, plant floors, points of entry, or financial operations, from the next room, or remotely from anywhere in the world.
With i-Witness, you can capture and store still images of any event. If there is an attempted theft, i-Witness can identify potential thieves, trigger alarms and distribute images to a central monitoring station for police notification.
  i-Witness lets you monitor your business from any PC simply by dialing up your i-Witness based PC via modem over standard phone lines, from anywhere,  day or night.
With i-Witness, you can monitor those who watch your family, including babysitters or au pares, and be comforted by the care your family is receiving.
With two working parents in many families, children must often return to empty homes after school. i-Witness lets you monitor your loved ones from your office, the road or wherever you're located.
i-Witness lets you see that your elderly relative is receiving the special care they deserve, whether staying at your home or receiving care somewhere else.
With i-Witness, you can capture suspicious events like a stranger at your front door. The image can be stored as evidence for later review at any time or any  place.


Eliminates your need for several other high priced pieces of equipment such as VCR, Switcher and Multiplexer.

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Multiple video windows
The remote integrated video transmission system operates over existing          phone lines so there is never the need for special communicating hardware.
Video boards are designed for modular configuration allowing up to 36 cameras per system.
User can individually control all inputs and outputs.
Remote Capture™ technology allows the system to automatically take image snapshots on occurrence of alarm event and send them to a remote location.
Multi-tasking allows viewing of video sources while operating other Windows 95 applications.
Storage of up to 10,000 events per camera & up to 10,000 frames per event at one (1) second per frame
Stored pictures include time/date and camera identification
User selectable frame rates and image quality
Programmable recording time, file length and resolution.
Programmable system overwrite of stored files (first in/first out)
Windows 95 based software that can handle up to 36 video sources.
Windows 95 based software that can handle up to 36 video sources.


Ordering is easy.   ASA Systems accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Just call 1-888-353-6983


ICU 1000 Boards
No. Per PCI Slot 1
Max. no. of boards According to no. of free slots
Video Inputs
No. per ICU 1000 board 6
Total no. 6 x no. of ICU 1000 boards installed
Video Standard EIA/CCIR
Alarm & Control
Inputs 6 per ICU 1000 board installed
Outputs 3 per ICU 1000 board installed
Operation Modes
Day Mode (ICU 1000) Local selection and monitoring of cameras attached to ICU 1000 boards; Automatic pop-up video window when alarm is triggered, while working with other Windows programs; Automatic image snap on alarm trigger
Night mode (ICU 1000) Remote dialing to site and monitoring of any camera vuew or alarm data
Window type Live video-in-a-window with scaling, color space conversion and true color support
No. of windows According to no. of ICU 1000 boards installed
Video window resolution Up to 640x480
Video transmission rate Up to 10 frames/second
Ordering Information


  • IBM-compatible Pentium 90 or higher
  • 16 MB RAM minimum
  • Free PCI slot for each ICU 1000 board (for local site)
  • Windows 95 operating system
  • PCI SVGA graphics accelerator (linear addressing capabilities recommended)
  • Windows compatible 33.6 Kb/second or ISDN or LAN modem adapter (for ICU 1000 and remote sites)

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