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INTELLEX® Digital Video Recorder with Smart Search
Series 2.0, Version 2.0


Intellex is an intelligent digital recorder that combines multiplexing, alarm/event detection, recording and more. Intellex will simultaneously record multiple cameras, display live video, playback video and archive without interrupting recording.

After images are recorded, define the type of recorded events you want to find, and Smart Search instantly locates and replays them with digital precision, while still recording live events. Or define event criteria before recording, and IntelleCord records only those events that you want to see.

These intelligent search tools save hours of time you used to spend searching through VCR tapes, and gives your staff more productive investigation time. A variety of advanced, user-programmable features allow you to customize and manage video data based on your application requirements.

And because Intellex is upgradable, networkable and easily integrates with other equipment, it's a
cost-effective solution for many new and existing systems.


  • Up to 120 hours real-time multiplexed system recording (system record speed
    of 30 images per second (ips) NTSC;
    25ips PAL)
  • Eliminates the VCR, multiplexer and activity detector in many traditional video systems
  • Up to 60ips NTSC and 50ips PAL system record speed
  • Smart Search™ instantly retrieves recorded events
  • IntelleCord™ records user defined events
  • User-selectable image settings maximize record duration
  • Archives to optional digital audio tape without interrupting recording
  • Integrates easily with video transmission devices and other equipment
  • Authenticated file format
  • Upgradable architecture
  • Compatible with Network Client™ software accessory

More Than a Digital Recorder
Intellex digitally records multiple camera images directly to the internal hard drive, eliminating conventional VCRs and their associated maintenance and degradation limitations. But Intellex does more than just record. Simultaneously record, playback and archive while using Intellex's sophisticated search functions to define and find only those important events that meet your criteria. Intellex provides a powerful, intelligent solution to your security and operations systems.
Simple, Intuitive User Interfaces
Intellex's user interfaces are designed to be easy to use, whether you are a beginner or advanced user. Access all operations using one-click buttons, pull-down menus, adjustable sliders and tabbed screens - even draw target areas on screen using mouse commands. These powerful screens allow quick set-up, operation, and reconfiguration.
Instantly Find and Retrieve Critical Events
Instantly retrieve recorded video of any event. Intellex uses Smart Search™ to filter through hours of video to find only the events which matter to you. With the click of a mouse, highlight the area to be searched. Intellex finds where perimeters were crossed, lights were turned on/off, special types of motion occurred, or alarms were tripped. This saves hours of time you used to spend manually searching through endless amounts of video tape to locate critical documentation of security breaches or other events.
Intelligent Recording and Alarm Detection
Use IntelleCord™ to record only certain types of events. Define perimeter areas, watch for changes in light levels, set motion detection or even specify time periods. Each setting can be made on a per camera basis, so your system can be customized for optimal security and record duration.
Selectable Image Quality, Rate and Sensitivity Optimize the settings of Intellex to fit your specific needs. Choose Super Resolution, Extended Record or Normal to balance image quality against record duration. Adjusting image rate and sensitivity gives you even more control for your specific application.
Multiple Camera Display and Playback
Select live displays for any camera in any position in 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 picture formats. In live and playback, choose Full Screen Mode to hide the controls and fill the entire screen, or Menu Mode to display the control interface. Play back single camera video segments at a variety of speeds in forward or reverse sequence - or even single-step images one at a time.
Take A Closer Look
Intellex lets you choose any live or recorded picture area and zoom in 2-16X for a closer look. Digitally enhance color, contrast, and sharpness. Move around in the enlarged picture for a quick and easy magnified look at all details. This allows for better analysis and identification of important events.
Integrity of Evidence
Intellex's recording format gives each image a unique identification "stamp". So even though the file structure is PC-compatible, the original video images cannot be altered or modified, enabling a solid chain of evidence for prosecution.
Network Capability
Our Network Client software accessory provides network access to one or more Intellex units on a local area network (LAN). Select video segments by time, date, or from the alarm list and download to your PC running Windows NT 4.0.
With Network Client, network connection and digital management has never been easier or more cost effective.
View and Organize Intellex Video on a PC
With our Video Viewer™ software accessory, play Intellex video on a PC equipped with a DAT drive. Video Viewer locates video on the DAT using alarm, camera or date/time criteria, and creates a digital copy of the original authenticated video. Save, annotate and organize copied video into "incident folders" to aid with investigations. Individual images can be enhanced, printed and converted to standard formats.
Upgradable, Expandable Platform
Keep your system up-to-date with software upgrades easily installed from digital media. Expand recording capacity to fit your needs with third-party external storage devices. Intellex is designed to grow to meet the changing needs of today's security or operations environment.
Easy to Setup and Operate
Intellex not only reduces equipment expenses
and investigation time, but its simple on-screen menus make training and operation intuitive and easy - even customize access rights for multiple operators with passwords. Other user-friendly features include a removable BNC panel and camera termination via software for hassle-free camera connections. Intellex is available in English, French, German or Spanish.
Record duration, or the quantity of images that can be recorded on the hard drives, is affected by several factors. Digital video with high levels of activity or detail consumes more disk space than video with little activity or detail.
Other factors include:
  • Capacity of hard drive
  • Image rate, image quality and sensitivity settings
  • Low light levels or noise in the video signal
Intellex helps maximize record duration in several ways. Intellex's video data compression method uses "conditional refresh" to capture image changes, delivering the best possible representation of motion under all conditions. Adjustments can be made to the image sensitivity and quality (affecting the amount of compression), image rate and resolution settings to fit your particular recording requirements.
Use the guidelines below to adjust the
record duration:
  • Reducing the image rate proportionally increases duration
  • Increasing the image quality will decrease the duration
  • Adjusting the image sensitivity to improve image quality will decrease the duration
Video Recording System
Internal Media Format
40GB (two 20GB native capacity IDE hard drives); 38GB available for recording
Removable Media Format
One 1.44MB 3.5" half height diskette; one digital audio drive 5.25" half-height, SCSI connection
Archiving Format
Optional internal digital audio tape drive, DDS-4,
5-1/2" half-height, SCSI-3 connection
Record Mode
Selectable to linear or continuous
Video Standard
NTSC/EIA (RS-170A compliant) or PAL /CCIR
Image Rate Settings (images per second)
60, 30, 15, 7.5, 2.5 and 1
50, 25, 12.5, 6.25, 2 and 0.8
Quality/Capacity Settings
Extended Record
Maximum compression
Medium compression
Super Resolution
Minimum compression
Video Sensitivity
Medium delta threshold
Low delta threshold
Alarm Recording
Image rate, quality and sensitivity can be independently set for alarm conditions
Adjustable Duration
Pre-alarm is programmable from zero to sixty seconds; post alarm is programmable from five seconds to five minutes
Programmable recording times for each day of the week, in thirty minute increments
Front Panel Controls and Indicators
Media Cover
Diskette drive, DAT drive and eject
Discrete LED Indicators
Power, alarm, record
Power and reset
On-Screen Displays
Setup/Operation Menus
Accessed via software interface
Camera title, date/time, alarm name, video loss; can be turned on and off in playback mode only
Video Inputs and Outputs
Eight or sixteen composite, 1V p-p, selectable
75 ohms or High-Z, BNC
Alarm Inputs and Outputs
Eight or sixteen composite, activated by contact closure or TTL/CMOS signal. Inputs: programmable polarity; outputs: active high
Analog Output
One composite, 1V p-p, 75 ohms
Digital SVGA Monitor
800x600 pixel resolution, horizontal 31 to 47 kHz, vertical 50 to 75 Hz
Rear Panel Connectors
Camera Inputs
Eight or sixteen, composite, BNC
Camera Outputs
Eight or sixteen, composite, BNC, passive loop through, software programmable termination
Alarm Inputs and Outputs
Four grounded 12-pin connectors with screw terminals
One, IEC-320-C13
One, 5-pin DIN connector, PS/2-style with pins
1, 3 and 5 active
One, SVGA, DB15-S
One, DB25-S, parallel
One, RS-232, DB9-P
One, 68-pin, female
RJ-45, category 3 or category 5 twisted-pair Ethernet
Video Output
One, composite, BNC
TV Output
Two, one RCA-type and one S-Video
Other Connectors (reserved for future use)
One, DB9-P
One, BNC
115VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3.0A; 230VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5A

CAUTION: Set the voltage switch to the appropriate voltage (115 or 230) before connecting power.
Dimensions (H x W x D)
172 x 432 x 445 mm
(6.75 x 17.0 x 17.5 in)
Unit Weight
12.75 Kg (28 lbs)
Shipping Weight
17.25 Kg (38 lbs)
Operating Temperature
5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)
5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Storage Conditions
-10° to 60°C (14° to 140°F)
Maximum Operating Tilt
Operating Altitude
0 to 48 m (0 to 10,000 ft)
Operating Altitude with Optional Tape Drive
0 to 133 m (0 to 7,000 ft)
EMC Emissions
EN55022, FCC 15, Class A
EMC Immunity
EN60950, UL1950, CUL1950
Optional System Accessories
Intellex is a high-performance digital video recorder that allows users to customize their security system using a wide range of optional equipment including a Rack Mount Kit, Network Client, Video Viewer™, monitor, SCSI RAID and printers. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Basic System Diagram

Intellex Digital Video Management Systems

  Intellex 16-Camera DVMs
  Model# Description Price  
  D6C50C0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 80GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pac $8,594.00
  D6C50C1EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 80GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pac $8,844.00
  D6C51A0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 80GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pac $10,695.00
  D6C51A1EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 80GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pac $10,945.00
  D6C60C0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 160GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pa $9,589.00
  D6C61A0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 160GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pa $11,690.00
  D6C70A0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Pack, Remote Pack and Monitor Pack, Floppy Drive and Call $9,890.00
  D6C70A1EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 240GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pa $10,140.00
  D6C70C0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 240GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pa $10,589.00
  D6C70C1EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 240GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pa $10,839.00
  D6C71C0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 240GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pa $13,389.00
  D6C73C0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 240GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pa $10,784.00
  D6C80A0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 400GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pa $10,890.00
  D6C83A0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 400GB native storage space, Smart Pack, Remote Pa $11,085.00
  D6N50D0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV16000 Desktop, 80GB native storage space and Floppy Drive $6,495.00

 Intellex 8-Camera DVMS

  Model# Description Price
  D8A20B3EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV8000 Desktop, 120GB native storage space, Smart Pack Software Pa $6,760.00
  D8A23B1EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV8000 Desktop, 120GB native storage space, Smart Pack Software Pa $6,830.00
  D8N10D0EA-22 Intellex DVMS DV8000 Desktop, 60GB native storage space and CD-ROM $4,495.00


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