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The MV99p Duplex Multiplexer

The Multivision® Pro MV99p integrates duplex video multiplexing and video motion alarm detection with advanced features like faster recording output, VCR Record Speed Auto-Detection and enhanced picture processing for unparalleled image quality and superior performance with high-resolution cameras. Record up to 9 "live" cameras on one VCR, while simultaneously processing and replaying video from a second VCR. "Live" and playback images can be displayed in a variety of multiple-picture screen formats while recording. Program video alarm detection parameters for object size and shape, target placement, trigger sensitivity and tracking delay. And each camera has an individual video alarm output so that you can do more than just record.

The high-performance Multivision® Pro MV99p . . . better pictures, improved recording and built-in alarm detection.


  • Integrated video alarm detection and internal RS-232 remote control port reduces equipment costs
  • Set alarm parameters such as target placement, object size and shape, time of day, trigger sensitivity and alarm delay
  • Set parameters for each camera using 16H x 12V detection grid
  • VCR Record Speed Auto-Detection picks the optimum camera switch rate based upon VCR settings. Fast installation with VCRs that have a switch pulse output
  • Individual video alarm outputs for each camera allow customized alarm response for specific security areas
  • Enhanced performance with high resolution cameras and faster recording output than previous models
  • High quality, 730 x 464 digital pixel images to VCR
High-performance duplex multiplexer with integrated video motion alarm detection
This easy-to-use, high-performance duplex multiplexer gives unparalleled image quality and superior performance for up to 9 cameras. Duplex performance allows you to display "live" images in your choice of multiple screen formats while recording full-field pictures from all cameras. Select any camera or group of cameras for playback. And view it all with razor-sharp high resolution. The MV99p provides you with unrivaled capabilities, including enhanced performance with high resolution cameras, faster recording output and S-VHS compatibility for the highest quality recording.

Plus, integrated video motion alarm detectors eliminate the need for high- cost, stand-alone video motion detectors or other types of alarm sensors. The MV99p uses advanced digital video algorithms to "see" suspicious motion from any connected camera. Based on detection options you optimize, the MV99p will automatically trip the alarm and prioritize recording to the alarmed area. Set alarm object size, shape, tracking and trigger sensitivity in just seconds using one on-screen menu. And individual alarm outputs for each channel let you add mechanical alarms to enhance alarm response at the camera location.

With the MV99p, installation and security management has never been easier. During installation, it automatically chooses the optimal camera switch rate based on your VCR settings. Intuitive, on-screen menus and push-button controls make installation and operation a breeze. Remote panel accessories let you conveniently control remote multiplexers and alarm response from one master location.

The MV99p . . . sophisticated and cost-effective duplex multiplexer performance, from the video product experts.


Integrated Alarm Detection and Reporting
Video motion detection responds to alarm-related motion. Users gain alarm protection and superior documentation of critical events. Alarm-type video motion detection is built-in to the MV99p at a cost lower than comparable stand-alone detectors. Alarm reports, logs and counts conveniently displayed on-screen. Operation is easy, seamless and integrated.

User-Optimized Alarm Detection Per Camera
Alarm detection parameters include object location, size, shape, tracking delay and trigger sensitivity to suit each camera's unique viewing environment and security need. Programmable 16H x 12V detection grid allows for superior alarm sensing while preventing false alarms.

Automatic Day/Night Setting Per Camera
Each camera's detection setting can be set for day and night conditions. The MV99p will automatically change settings when time of day requires alarm sensing requirements to change.

High-Resolution, True-to-Life Color Display
730 x 464 pixels to VCR. 16,000,000 colors. 256 shades of gray. See live or recorded events in high resolution and true-to-life color for detailed documentation, superior surveillance and easier identification.

Multiple Camera Display and Playback Options
Full screen, sequential camera switching, PIP, 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 picture formats. Take a closer look at suspicious activity. View only critical areas. See all locations at one time. The MV99p allows you to select from viewing and playback options to suit your needs on a minute-to-minute basis.

Full Duplex Multiplexing
View and record functions are independent. All cameras are full-field recorded regardless of picture format option selected when pictures were recorded. Playback any camera full screen or select any display option to see the group of cameras you desire.

2x Zoom Any Picture Area
Conduct closer analysis of critical events and provide improved documentation. Zoom in to see otherwise unidentifiable distant objects, such as license plates.

On-Screen Alarm Reporting, Logging and Count
Alarm management has never been easier. All alarm data is displayed and managed on one easy-to-use, on-screen menu.

  • Video Standard
    NTSC: 525 lines, 60 fields/second
    PAL: 625 lines, 50 fields/second
  • Video Input
    9 looping: 1.0 V p-p composite, individually selectable 75 ohms or High-Z, BNC
  • Monitor Outputs
    2: 1.0 V p-p composite, 75 ohms, BNC
  • VCR Input
    1.0 V p-p composite, 75 ohms, BNC or
    1.0 V p-p S-Luma, 75 ohms, S-Video and
    0.2867 V p-p Chroma, 75 ohms, S-Video
  • VCR Output
    1.0 V p-p composite, 75 ohms, BNC and
    1.0 V p-p S-Luma, 75 ohms, S-Video and
    0.2867 V p-p Chroma, 75 ohms, S-Video
  • Digital Memory
    512 x 464 to Display, pixels full screen
    730 x 464 to VCR, pixels full screen
    8-bit Luma, 256 shades of gray
    24-bit Chroma, 16,000,000 colors on palette
  • Alarm Input
    9: programmable as Normally Open or Normally Closed
  • Alarm Hold Input
    +5 to +15 VDC or TTL Active High
  • Motion Alarm Outputs
    1: Normally Open or Closed contacts,
    2A @ 30 VDC or 1A @ 125 VAC, resistive
    9: Active High or Low TTL compatible (one per camera)
  • Alarm I/O Connector
    DB37S (includes DB37P mating connector)
  • Alarm Duration
    Programmable 2 to 999 seconds, 4 seconds default
  • Motion Detection Parameters
    Each video channel has independent settings for day and night
    Target Matrix: 16 horizontal x 12 vertical
    Sensitivity: 5 levels
    Object Size: 81 combinations
    of width and height
    Tracking Delay: 0 to 5 seconds
    Alarm Enable: On, Off or And (requires concurrent contact closure)
  • Remote Panel (Optional)
    Controls up to 9 multiplexers via RS-232, RJ11 In and Out
  • Operating Power
    12 VDC; 18 watts, 2.1mm Pin Jack
  • Unit Weight
    9 lbs. (4.1 kg.)
  • Shipping Weight
    11 lbs. (5.0 kg.)
  • Dimensions
    1.75 in. H x 17 in. W x 12.25 in. D
    (44mm x 432mm x 311mm)
  • Ambient Temperature
    40° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)

System Diagram

The Multivision Pro Series

MV99p NTSC version
MV99p-1 PAL version

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