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Video Products

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Decrease guard and equipment costs with the SMV104, which records up to four cameras to one VCR. Simplex technology allows you to display "live" single camera pictures while full-field recording all cameras at the highest resolution. Play back any camera or all connected cameras for detailed event analysis. The SMV104 is easy to set up and use. Intuitive, on-screen menus allow typical setup in under five minutes. No special programming codes are required because the SMV104 integrates automatically to VCRs and system peripherals. Simple push-button operation controls all display/record options and features.


• Record up to 4 cameras using only one VCR

• Second output for "Call" monitor

• Enhanced performance with high resolution cameras

• RS-232 remote connector

• Display live, single camera images while full-field recording all system cameras

• Choose "Quad" mode to record and display in 2x2 format

• Dynamic Time Division activity detection records more frames from cameras that "see" motion

• 512 x 464 pixel matrix and 256 shades of gray

• Complete alarm capability

• Compatible with standard time-lapse VCRs, domes and many other CCTV products

• Main monitor displays include date, time, camera titles and video-loss indication

Easy, economical, high-resolution multiplexed record processing
Viewing and recording pictures from multiple cameras has always caused security and business professionals more than the usual problems and costs. In the past, you used one monitor and VCR per camera in your system and purchased more equipment than really made sense or seemed necessary. Now discover the SMV104 from Robot.

Continuing advancements in multiplexing technology allow you to record up to four cameras to one VCR. Simplex performance allows you to display "live" single camera images while tape recording full-field pictures from all cameras in your system. Then select any camera full screen or an auto-formatted multi-camera display of all cameras on playback.

A proprietary Dynamic Time Division activity detection algorithm prioritizes recording from cameras in your system that are "seeing" the most motion content. This automatically provides you with the closest to real-time, highest resolution recording possible today and assures you of detailed event documentation.

The SMV104 also features a second output for a "Call" monitor, RS-232 remote connector, full alarm capabilities, easy-to-set-up on-screen menus and more.

The SMV104 simplex multiplexer. . . picture processing technology that makes multi-picture recording economical and simple.


Record Up to 4 Cameras Using only One VCR

Realize significant cash savings by eliminating multiple VCRs from your CCTV systems.

Simplex Display Live Single Camera Images While Full-Field Recording All System Cameras

You are assured of obtaining high-resolution tape documentation from all cameras in your system. Play back in full screen for detailed documentation, or auto format display all cameras in your system for event analysis. View any "live" single camera in your system at full screen without interfering with tape record function.

Dynamic Time Division Activity Detection

Sophisticated digital algorithms detect which cameras in your system are "seeing" the most motion and then records them more often. This automatically assures you of the closest to real-time playback from cameras witnessing any event.

512 x 464 Pixel Matrix and 256 Shades of Gray

High-resolution display and exceptional grayscale differentiation provide you with excellent suspect and/or inventory identification and event documentation.

Complete Alarm Capability

Detects and responds to mechanical alarms (contact closure) and video loss. The SMV104 will automatically switch to the camera in your system that covers the alarmed area and sends near real-time video to your VCR.

Compatible with Standard Time-Lapse VCRs

The SMV104  senses connected VCRs and will automatically integrate to their standards.

Main Monitor Display/Tape Overlays Include Date, Time, 10-Character Camera Titles and Video-Loss Indication

Allows you to quickly identify date, time and location of any live or recorded event. Video-loss indication allows quicker trouble shooting.

Power-Loss Protection on Programmable Features

Protects you from loss of set-up parameters often associated with power outages.

On-Screen Set-Up Menus and Front Panel Push-Button Operation

Allows you to quickly optimize, customize or update set-up parameters to suit your changing security needs. Typical start-up setup in under five minutes. Intuitive push-button operation for easy use and guard training.


•Video Standard
EIA:  525 Lines, 60 Fields/Second
CCIR: 625 Lines, 50 Fields/Second

•Video Inputs
4 looping: 1.0 V p-p Composite, Individual Terminators

•Monitor Outputs
2: 1.0 V p-p, Composite, 75 ohms, BNC

•VCR Input
1.0 V p-p, Composite, 75 ohms, BNC

•VCR Output
1.0 V p-p, Composite, 75 ohms, BNC

•Digital Memory
512 x 464 Pixels Full Screen
8-bit Luma,
256 Shades of Gray.

•Alarm Inputs
4: Dry Contact Closure, DB25

•Alarm Output
Normally Open or Closed Contacts 2A @ 30 VDC or 1A @ 120 VAC, Resistive

•Alarm Duration
Software Programmable 2-999 Seconds, 4 Second Default

•Alarm Hold Input
+5 to +15 VDC or TTL Active High

•Data Input
RS-232 Serial Data

•Power Supply
Center Positive, 12 VDC, 1.5A, 18 Watts

7 lbs. (3.2 kg.)

1.75 in. H x 17 in. W x 12.25 in. D
(44mm x 432mm x 311mm)

•Ambient Temperature
40to 104F (5 to 40 C)

System Diagram

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SMV104 EIA version
SMX104 CCIR version

Email for more information to sales@camerasite.com 

Simplex Multiplexors

Model# Description Price
SMV104P-30 4-Camera Monochrome Simplex Multiplexer $915.00
SMV116P-30 16-Camera Monochrome Simplex Multiplexer $1,125.00
SMV904P-30 4-Camera Color Simplex Multiplexer $1,125.00
SMV909P-30 9-Camera Color Simplex Multiplexer $1,350.00
SMV916P-30 16-Camera Color Simplex Multiplexer $1,450.00
SRP16 Remote Control Panel Compatible With All Simplex Multiplexer $375.00

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