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The Toshiba KV-6300A Time-Lapse VCR

The Toshiba KV-6300A Time-Lapse VCR offers exceptional picture resolution by using SVHS technology. Record up to 960 hours on a Single T-120 tape. Other advanced functions include RS-232C control terminal as well as a wide variety of interface options

KV-6300A Features Specs A&E Specs
450 lines horizontal resolutions
RS-232C terminal
Multiple alarm modes of operation
Automatic head cleaning
Internal time/date generator
12 record/play back speeds
Fifteen timer programs
Clean slow and still
One-shot recording
Wide choice of playback functions
Tape remaining time display
KV-6300A A&E Specifications

The video recorder shall be a 960 hour time-lapse recording device utilizing 1/2" VHS tape. The video recorder shall have the capability to record audio in 2, 12, & 24 hour modes. The video recorder shall have the capability of reproducing 450 lines of resolution in black & white, & 300 lines of resolution in color. Video input and output shall be 1V p-p composite video signal as well as 4 pin Y/C (S-VHS type). Video signal-to-noise ratio shall be equal to or greater than 45 dB. Audio signal-to-noise shall be equal to or greater than 43 dB. Audio frequency response shall be 100Hz - 10KHz. There shall be provisions for line level input as well as microphone input to recorder. The video recorder shall provide an RS-232 port for control functions. Dimensions shall not exceed 16.53"(W), 4.62"(H), and 16"(D). The time-lapse recorder shall be powered by 120 VAC 60Hz source. Ambient operating temperature shall be +41 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit. Ambient operating humidity shall be less 80%.


The video recorder shall meet the following minimum requirements:
* 4 video head field recording
* 2 & 6 hour real-time recording
* 12, 24, 48, 72, 120, 168, 240, 480, 720 & 960 hour time-lapse recording
* Programmable on-screen recording time of 5, 15, & 30 seconds, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, & 6 minutes plus continuous and manual recording modes
* Alarm recording in 2, 12, and 24 hour
Time, date, recording mode, day of week, recording speed, VCR number, & alarm number shall displayed on screen
* One-shot recording
* Auto-repeat record
* 3 end-of-tape modes
* Auto video head cleaning system
* On-screen 15 program timer recording
* On-screen alarm recall function
* Power fail & error message indicator
* Alarm search
* Tape & alarm counter memory
* Buzzer disable switch
* Record lock
* Time\date display shall be adjustable as to position it any where within the screen area
* Alarm input, output, reset, & one-shot record terminal
* End of tape and Abnormal function output terminal
* Power, recording, & playback monitoring terminals
* Series recording input\output terminals
* Trigger output to synchronize video switching devices
* 25-pin D-sub remote control terminal
* Ten day memory back-up
KV-6300A Specifications
Power supply 120V AC, 60Hz
Power receptacle 400W
Power consumption 27W
External dimensions 430 x 120 x 15mm (W x H x D)
Weight 8.5kg
Signal system Standard NTSC color television system
Recording system 4 rotary head recording (double azimuth head),
S-VHS and VHS system
Cassette Video cassette with S-VHS and VHS marks
Tape speed A2-hour mode: 33.35mm/second
A6-hour mode: 11.12mm/second
Recording/playback time A2/A6/A12/A24/24/48/72//120/168/240/480/960/ hours
(when T-120 is used)
Fast forward/rewind time Within 5.5 minutes (when T-120 is used)
S-Video output (4P) 1.0Vp-p, 75ohm unbalanced luminance signal
0.286Vp-p, 75ohm unbalanced chroma signal
Horizontal resolution 450 lines (S-VHS mode), 300 lines (VHS mode): monochrome mode
400 lines (S-VHS mode) 240 lines (VHS mode): color mode
Video S/N More than 45dB (2-hour mode): monochrome
more than 43dB (2-hour mode): color mode
Audio input Line input: 308mV rms (-8dBs), more than 47kohm M6 pin jack
Microphone input: 70dBs, less than 5kohm, M6 jack
Audio output -6dBs, less than 4.7kohm, pin jack
Number of audio tracks 1 track
Audio frequency characteristics 100Hz ton10kHz (2-hour mode)
Audio S/N More than 43dB (2-hour mode)
Utilization conditions Temperature: 41 F to 104 h F (5 C tp 40 C)
Humidity: less than 80%
Alarm input Ground input: 0 to 0.5V
Alarm reset input Ground input: 0 to 0.5V
Alarm output DC +/- 5V impedance: 220, less than 10mA
One shot input Ground input: 0 to 0.5V
Switch output During time lapse: 0/5V negative pulse signal (pulse width: 33ms)
A2-hour mode: 0V
Except above mentioned: 5V
Tally output Tape end output: ground output: impedance: 220ohm,
less than 10mA
Auto off output: ground output: impedance: 220 ohm, less than 10mA
Recording output: ground output: impedance: 220ohm, less than 10mA
Playback output: ground output: impedance: 220ohm, less than 10mA
Power in output: ground output: impedance: 220ohm, less than 10mA
Series recording input Ground input: 0 to 0.5V
Series recording output Ground output: impedance: 220ohm, less than 10mA
Wired remote control input D-SUB 25 pin (male): 1-12 ground input, 14-23 ground input: impedance: 220ohm
RS-232C input D-SUB pin (female)

960 hour Time-Lapse VCR


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