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Access control isn't just for large companies anymore. Yesterday, large costly PC-based systems prohibited small to medium sized companies from controlling and accounting for their personal and physical assets. Today, All Secure Alert Systems is leading the way by offering a new breed of high powered, cost effective access control products. Our Door Guard secured series access control product line is designed as a modular, full-featured, stand-alone system, which can be connected or "networked" into multiple door configurations that fit all of your needs. And, modem upload/download capabilities make it perfect for distributed site access control.

Only the Door Guard Secured Series makes access control so simple. Now you can have the convenience of keyless entry and the access control features of the more costly and complex systems. Each Secured Series installation is a complete, stand alone, single door access control system. By networking multiple doors you can program users at each location and send the data to all the doors. And for quick and easy installation, our Secured Series PC Software lets you upload user codes, download audit reports and add time/holiday controls to each door. 

 A Secured Series modular network with HubMan can limit who has access to specific areas at what times and can provide reports of system use.  

All access control functions are administered by a Hub Control Module located on the secured side of the door. System management is easily accomplished with the user-friendly Hubman Software. HubMan places you in control!

Door Guard Secured Series products offer all the standard features necessary for state-of-the-art cost effective access control at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Our products grow in features as your needs do. Our field proven systems offer the best of both worlds: Powerful features and cost effective modular design.

You have an increasing need to control access to individual locations such as: customer and employee entry doors, after-hours customer pick-up and delivery, stock rooms, tool bins, closets, offices, and a variety of other places where the cost of a large access control system is excessive. The Door Guard Self-Contained Access Control Series will provide you with an immediate return on your investment.

  • Remote programming via modem.
  • Secured electronics eliminate any possibility of tampering with the keypad.
  • 1,000 transaction audit trail buffer stores user ID activity reports at each door location.
  • Auto-unlock with "first-in" feature for both convenience and security.
  • Network up to eight doors for upload/download, shared printer.
  • Lock release relay operates lock mechanisms.
  • Provides easy programming of 8 time zones, and 16 holidays.
  • Alarm zone shunting relay bypasses alarm system when opening a door.
  • Forced door alarm relay triggers a siren, camera or other device if a door is opened without authorization.
  • Up to 500 Users can be programmed into each Hub Control Module.
  • Propped door alarm relay triggers an alarm if a door is "propped" or held open beyond a specified time.
  • Network up to eight doors for upload/download, shared printer.


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How do You know what to order?

  • Minimum you will need one Hub Controller, and an electronic door lock.
  • For more secure access use a Card Reader, Chip Reader, Keypad, or Proximity Card Reader.
  • Also available is Windows 95/98  Secured Series Software, this allows you to print logs of the time/date, user ID, limit access to particular doors of different users, basically a user could be granted access from 8am to 6pm only if needed.  It also has weekend and holiday schedules. This software is used to link up to eight Hub Controllers, for those large installations. 
  • Upon request we can provide any electronic door switch, rather it be to replace an old switch or add a new one.
Item Description     Price
  $259.43 plus chips
  $271.87 plus mag. cards
  $499.89 plus cards
  $195.50 for windows 95
    • Request prices for magnetic card, chip card, proximity cards, or electronic door locks as they will be different for each install.

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