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1- To determine where the camera will be installed.  Look over the desired installation area and decide where the wire from the camera to the monitor or VCR will need to be placed. Be sure you place the VCR in area big enough to allow air to flow around the unit for proper cooling of the VCR.  It is common to run the cable above a drop ceiling in the attic or crawl space.  Measure the distance from the camera to the monitor/VCR in feet.  ASA Systems offers precut cables or boxes of cable in 500' to 1000' ft. length. 

2- The next step is to determine the power source for the camera.  Most cameras require 12VDC  or 24 VAC.  A two conductor wire 22 gauge or bigger is recommended to be installed along with the RG59 coax cable to connect the camera.  The power wire can be installed from the camera to the nearest outlet.  It is preferred to run the camera power to the outlet nearest the monitor or VCR for easy troubleshooting if a problem were to occur. 
3- When connecting a camera that requires 12 VDC, be sure to observe the polarity indicated on the camera installation instructions. When installing  a camera that requires 24 VAC you will not need worry about the polarity.

4- Some cameras have manually adjustable lens.  The lens usually have two adjustments, one for light and the other for focus. The light control ring adjusts the iris to allow the amount of light needed for optimal video picture. The focus ring allows for the fine tuning of picture clarity.  First adjust the light level and then adjust to the desired focus setting.  Once this process is complete be sure to check the light level again to ensure the sharpest picture available.   If the camera is to be located where lighting conditions vary, be sure to have a camera that is equipped with an auto-iris lens.  This will allow for automatic adjustment of the lens as lighting conditions change.     

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