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IEI HUB Selection Guide
Features: Enables Networking

* Controls In/out readers at door
* Controls electronics are on the     secured side of the door
* Can't be compromised from lock, reader, keypad tampering

 HUB Control Plus Secured Series Software

* Unique individual codes and cards for each authorized user

500 optional
Remote Dialup


 x  Required: Secured Series Software
* DOS or WIN 95
First Person in Auto Unlock  x  optional
Time Zones:

* Unique schedules for individual's access control

With Nondedicated PC
 Required: Secured Series Software
* DOS or WIN 95 
 Programmable Timers:

* Auto lock and unlock (with PC)
* REX-Door By-Pass
* Unlock Time
* Held open too long

1 Time Zone
8 Zones requires Secured Series Software
Programming Method: Remote Dial-up
via PC + Modem and/or on site HUB keypad or local PC + Secured Series Software
Required Secured Series Software
* DialUp
* Remote Programming
* 8 Time Zones
Functions: 2 access devices per door

* Door Position Monitoring (input)
* Alarm Shunt (relay)
* Forced Door
* Propped Door, held open too long
* Lock Control (Relay)

Event Logging:

* Printing - Complete Network
* Buffer - History Access

 Real Time 1000 Events Remote Dial up-PC + Secured Series Remote DIAL-UP* Requires Secured Series Software and modems
Networking - Up to 8 Doors
(requires 1 Hub Control per door)
8 doors with in/out Keypads, Readers, cards  Remote DIAL-UP* Requires Secured Series Software and modems


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