Burglar and Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

24/7 Central Station Monitoring Services

All Secure offers 24/7 monitoring for both Burglar and Fire alarms.

The conventional way of sending alarm signals to the monitoring center is via the phone line.
The second way is via a cellular communicator this is a Alarm Communicator specifically designed to work with Burglar and Fire Alarm Panels. Most customers have switched to Cellular as they are more reliable and eliminate the need for costly landlines.

Burglar And Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Most Alarm Panels are designed to to be a combination of Burglar and Fire Alarm Panels.

This makes it more cost effective as you only have one monitoring charge.

Our Central Station Operators are there 24 hours a day everyday for your protection. In the event of an emergency they will contact you and the Police, Fire Department, or Medical Personal.

If you have existing Monitoring services you can switch to All Secure.

You may be surprised at how much can be saved.

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