What Makes All Secure Alert Systems Inc. Stand Out

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About All Secure Alert Systems Inc.

Established in 1998, Max and Rodney both had been Alarm/Camera Installation/Service Techs since before 1990. We made the decision to establish our own customer base.

It made perfect sense why not start a business doing what you know how to do best. So we put our efforts into getting customers, doing a good job and keeping them satisfied. Twenty-three years later, we still have the same principles.

Our motto for success was to find out what the customer wants and offer a solution that meets their needs. One key has been that no one system works for everyone, so as techs, we can custom tailor systems that meet a customer’s specific needs. Of course at the lowest price.

We believe in getting the install done as soon as possible in few days or whenever it is most convenient for the customer. As we realized, no one wants a project to continue for weeks, and most of the time, the added security is needed as soon a possible.

As far as service goes we are able to provide service on the next day or when a customer wants to schedule it, and showing up on time is important. Keeping our promises has been greatly rewarded in referrals.
All Secure has and will always be in a state of growth. As technology is always improving constantly. Our team is always researching the latest and most cost-effective way of designing solutions. Having tech gurus on our team helps us keep up to date on this. We always try offering more than one solution as the most expensive is not always required. On the other hand, the most high-tech may be more desirable.

Behind the scenes, we are remotely monitoring most of the statistics of our systems. As you would not want to find out that your systems are operating correctly when you need them.

All Secure provides service across all of North Georgia.

The All Secure Alert Systems Inc. Difference

We are busy all year round. I have noticed that business installations tend to be busier near April. Residential installations pick up around December and Summertime. But we are here for you all year round.

Being able to help customers find solutions to their specific needs as systems are like fingerprints, no two are the same, as no two buildings are. Providing quality installations where all wiring is hidden, equipment all installed neatly and properly and making sure everything is cleaned up, leaving the job site the way we found it. Always earns extra credit.

Providing multiple systems saves a lot of money as they can be provided at the same time saving on labor and materials. We offer all low-voltage systems which can save when you need Security and Fire Alarm Systems, IP Camera Systems and IT Access Control Systems (card readers). This is referred to as turnkey. Give us a chance to provide a great install and years of dependable service, in a timely low-cost manner.

Our team is dedicated to getting it right the first time and we are very price competitive as we will offer the lowest price. Expect to get what you were sold. As our strategy is to have tech bid and walk the job site as they understand how it works and what you need the best.

All Secure has been awarded jobs in all types of industries over the years. If there is a type of building in Atlanta we have done a similar one. Our attitude is if it can be done, we will figure it out. For example, we were awarded a contract with the Army to provide secured networking on dozens of bases throughout the country during the surge in 2008.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service for our customers as the products we offer is only the first step in establishing lasting relationships.

All techs are constantly getting training/certifications from equipment manufactures as they require this to make sure installed properly as not to void manufacture warranties, All Secure also offers a one-year warranty on all parts and labor.

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